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Serving the Greater La Crosse, WI Area.



New Home Construction

We will provide you with a safe and energy efficient electrical system and a comfortable environment for your family and friends.


Remodeling Projects In Your Home

Upgrades and improvements not only increase the value of your property but will also increase safety and may save you money on your electric bill. Let us take the stress away when remodeling your home, with a friendly and professional staff that put our customers first.


Rewiring and Updating Old Electrical Systems

Outdated wiring can be a hazard to your property and your family. That is why at Stokes Electric we will work with you to meet your electrical needs while keeping your family safe from electrical hazards.

Client Testimonial

“…what impressed us the most was the friendliness, creativity and work ethic of the electricians. All were upbeat, had positive attitudes and an eagerness to find solutions.” —  Meghan B., La Crosse


Updating Fuse Panels To Circuit Breaker Panels

As technology changes and homes become more advanced many electrical systems do not have the capacity to support our day to day demands. By upgrading to a circuit breaker panel customers will be able to utilize the electrical system to its full potential and protect your family.


Installing Outlets and Switches

Tired of having to run extension cords around your home? Or your outlets just need to be updated. Stokes Electric can install new tamper resistant child safe outlets throughout your home. We also can update your switches including installation of lighting dimmers. No job is too small to call!


Ceiling Lights and Fan Replacement

Lighting is an essential part of a home’s decor. New and extravagant lights can be appealing but complex and even hazardous to install. Let Stokes Electric take the hazard and head ache out of installing ceiling lights and fans.


Going Green: Save Energy and Money

We will sit down with you and give you plenty of options.

Client Testimonial

“…they made helpful recommendations on adjustable area lighting, and under counter lighting. They provided a real delighter of inside cabinet lighting for our turnstile and 2 other cabinets.” – Joe & Kathy Weitekamp


Lighting Design, Mood Lighting

Custom home lighting can create the perfect atmosphere for every room in your home. From lighting your entry way to dimming the lights in your kitchen Stokes Electric will work with you to visualize and execute your vision in your home, yard or garden.


Security Lighting

Keep out the bad guys with options and security lighting.


TV, Internet, Phone, Home Audio and Low Voltage Lighting

We will give you options that you never imagined and work within your budget.


Home Automation

Control your lighting, sound and security systems at the touch of your finger.

We have provided commercial electrical services to these fine La Crosse Area businesses and organizations...


  • La Crosse Pet Center
  • Kratt Lumber
  • Blessed Sacrament School and Church
  • ServPro of La Crosse County
  • La Crosse Loggers

  • Designing Jewelers
  • Premier Catering
  • Days Hotel
  • Root River Racing
  • Shelby Youth Baseball
  • Town of Shelby
  • Charlie's Inn

  • Twisted Moose
  • Earl’s Grocery and Saloon
  • US Cellular
  • Pro Cell
  • Verizon Telephone
  • Chaseburg Manufacturing Inc.


  • English Lutheran Church
  • Dublin Square
  • Onalaska Church of Christ and Daycare
  • The Wedding Tree

…and many more friends in the greater La Crosse, Onalaska and West Salem Area.

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